Hedgerow Cutter - M4 Sherman - Cullin I

This is probably the easiest Sherman upgrade you will ever do.   The Battleground Hedgerow Cutter - Cullin I snaps right onto the existing differential cover tow hooks of most 1:18 and 1:16 Sherman M4 tanks without glue making easy attachment and removal easy for the static crowd and ideal for RC.

There are several styles which have been customized for scale and the different differential covers from various M4 Sherman manufacturers.   

The 1:18 Cutter fits any 1:18 scale M4 Sherman Tank made by 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier, Forces of Valor Bravo Team and BBI Elite Force.   (Make sure order the right one for your tank!) 

21C = 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier

BBI = BBI Elite Force

FoV = Forces of Valor Bravo Team

The 1:16 Cutter fits any 1:16 scale M4 Sherman Tank made by Heng Long, Taigen or Tamiya*.   (Make sure order the right one for your tank!) 

HL - Heng Long

TG - Taigen

*For Tamiya tanks, order the Heng Long cutter and remove the clips to attach because Tamiya M4 Shermans ship without hooks on the differential cover. 

Available now in 1:16 and 1:18 Scale

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