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German Sd.Ah. 1 Trailer for Kettenkrad
Available now in 1:16 and 1:18 Scale

The Sd. Ah. 1 trailer from Battleground is available in both 1:16 and 1:18 scale and replicates many of the features of the original including rolling wheels.   It attaches easily to the tow hook on the Battleground Kettenkrad.   The infantry grab handles are included so that you can pose the trailer being pulled by hand. 

Assembly is straightforward and requires a drop of CA or superglue on the end of each axle to attach the left and the right tire.  Because the Kettenkrad and trailer served on almost every German theater of war, they can be painted in German Gray, Afrika Tan, Snow, Dunklegelb (Dark Yellow), or in many of the bi-color or the tri-color camouflage schemes used by the German army.

The Sonderanhänger (Special Trailer) or Sd. Ah 1 trailer was designed primary to be towed by the German Sd. Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad.   Attaching a trailer gave the Kettenkrad an additional 350kg of much needed stowage space that was often used for ammunition or communications cable.  The Sd. Ah. 1 trailer was amphibious so it was able to float when the towing vehicle crossed a river or a stream.   The tow hook on the trailer was designed with two handles so that infantry could use it as a wagon as needed.     

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