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German Nebelwerfer 41 Rocket Artillery
Available now in 1:16 and 1:18 Scale

The Battleground Nebelwerfer 41 available in both 1:16 and 1:18 scale replicates many of the features found in the original weapon.   It comes in nine pieces including the rocket tubes, chassis, two wheels, two trailer arms, a kickstand, optics box and an axle.  Also included is a single rocket and carrying container with a lid.   An optional ammunition kit is also available with five additional rockets, carrying containers and lids.

Assembly is straightforward and the majority of parts snap together without glue.   The rocket tubes snap into the chassis and have about 45 degrees of elevation.  The trail arms snap onto the main chassis and are fully adjustable to be together in a towed position or spread out in a firing position.   The wheels can be glued onto the included axle.  Though not required, for additional strength and to eliminate potential sagging we recommend an alternative of using a steel rod in 16 gauge to replace the included axle.  Steel rod can be purchased with a visit on foot or online to your favorite hobby shop.

The included rocket fits into the tube to simulate a loaded weapon.  The rocket also fits into the carrying container for transport to the next battle.   The kickstand snaps onto the front of the chassis without glue and has 90 degrees of elevation allowing it to be placed up for transportation or down to stabilize the gun when firing.   The gun optics box does require glue and can be attached to the side of the Nebelwerfer rocket tubes by placing a small drop of superglue or CA glue. 

Additional rockets and storage containers can be added to your fun by purchasing the Battleground German Nebelwerfer 41 Rocket accessory set.

The German Nebelwerfer 41 was used in almost every front the Germans fought on in World War 2.  It was capable of launching six rockets using a wired remote control.   The top of the rocket contained the fuel and the lower portion was the warhead.   The Germans would deploy many Nebelwerfers together in an artillery battery and launch devastating assaults on locations up to x kilometers away.

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